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ARIMA Group is a large-scale international group with diversification development and R&D and Manufacturing capability including ICT, Wireless Communication, Opto-Electronics, Display, Energy Storage Device……  ARIMA Group has been concentrating and putting effort on LED, LCD and LD…..Opto-Electronics industries for more than 20 years and owns plenty of structure and process patents from front-end to back end.
ARIMA products have been widely used by customers worldwide for lighting, back light module, optical-fiber-communication, Laser DME, Laser Level and consumer products. 20+ years of research, development and manufacturing capability and vertical integration brings ARIMA Group core competence and the best C/P service for customers.
ARIMA executive team members are all highly experienced professionals and ARIMA consistent innovations in products and services have proven to be the best value-added to customers such as industrial single mode 635nm LDs, high brightness 635nm LDs, APC IC integrated LDs, the smallest collimated laser modules, vertical cavity LD (VCSEL), Virtual Reality (VR) …..
ARIMA innovative Opto-Electronics Solutions has made ARIMA the most unique and value-added partner for all range of customers across the globe.